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It is the intention of the Hancock County Home Builders Association to take extensive care in acquiring new members and/or renewal of membership in that all members have high ethical, moral, and quality standards in the way they conduct business and uphold their reputation in the community.

The Association has implemented a strict screening process that will be enforced for all new applicants and renewals. This is intended to keep the Home Builders Association in high standings; and when the general public sees that they are hiring a firm that is a member, that person has been screened for them.

The procedure is as following:

  1. You must find a current member willing to give you an application. A member must refer you.
  2.  You must fill out the application and provide the Association with a list of references (3 suppliers, 3 clients) with addresses and phone numbers.
  3. Provide proof of Liability Insurance.
  4. Provide a Federal I.D. number. Not a Social Security number.
  5. Supply a copy of a current Workers Compensation Certificate.

Along with these submittals, we would like you to qualify yourself in the following manner:

  • Ask yourself if you do 50% or more of your work in Hancock County.
  • Be willing to attend 70% or more of our monthly membership meetings.
  • Be willing to contribute to the welfare of the community of Hancock County.
  • Try to support fellow Home Builders Association members by using their materials and services.
  • Be willing from time to time to serve on a committee to enhance the prestige and growth of the Association.
  • Recommend only quality people for membership to the Association.

When returning your application, there is no need to send money at the time.

After the Association receives the application, the membership committee will review it. It is the membership committee’s responsibility to check references, etc. and to make a recommendation to the Board. If it is a favorable decision, then we will send out a welcome letter for membership dues.

If the membership committee has an application, which in their eyes (after the screening process) is a questionable applicant, then this applicant will be discussed at the next membership meeting. The members present will be asked to vote and make a favorable or unfavorable recommendation to the Board.

The Board has the last word.

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